Signing up to services with my openID was such a stupid mistake

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    I can’t send a support request right now, but I want to go on record how much I’ve hated openID using my account.

    1) If you use and later upgrade to a domain name then you’ll never be able to log in to those old accounts created with (openID design issue)

    2) If you use as your openID then completely owns your logins. servers down on the weekend (doesn’t happen often) then you’re locked out of everything. If you lose your wp account for any number of reasons (ToS violations) then you’re locked out of all your other accounts. (openID design issue)

    3) I seem to continually have issues trying to sign into accounts with openID. I think having an upgraded domain name is the culprit. ( issue)

    This openID stuff seems like one of the worst things I’ve seen on the Internet lately.


    Thanks for the heads up on this. I’ve been watching and waiting before acting.



    I know. This really sucks. They just tied up with PIBB. Pimped on Matts blog. WP down. No access. Jaysus.





    You do not have to use your as your open ID.
    You can register another one, of your own choosing, right?



    You can . But it was heavily pimped as *use your WP com login*


    Yes I read that post on Matt’s blog too. It was heavily pimped and I’m glad I didn’t go that route. :)



    The only time I’ve ever found it useful was for commenting on LiveJournals that linked to me. Ya gotta luv the techie stuff that doesn’t function.



    3) I seem to continually have issues trying to sign into accounts with openID. I think having an upgraded domain name is the culprit. ( issue)

    Yup, that was it and I think I figured out the solution. OpenID can screw up if you don’t have a domain name, and then buy a domain name. It gets confused between the authorizing and the redirect.

    Going to Dashboard >> Options >> OpenID and deauthorizing everything fixes the problem.

    (although the first two issues will always stand)

    I wish all sites that supported openID also gave you a username/password backup.



    I agree with raincoaster that’s it’s been really convenient re LiveJournals. I can ID myself without having to create a new account, which it appears is where people are running into trouble. I prefer to have seperate username/pswd combos for each of my different accounts. For me, the security is worth the little bit of inconvenience.



    I’ve run into the same problem. Removing my sites hasn’t helped me any either. :-/



    I considered using WordPress, then opted for VeriSign. No problems at all. I have two WP domain names, so even without knowing anything specific it didn’t seem like a good idea. Now I see I was right.



    Using openID to open an account elsewhere is not a good idea to begin with. It’s okay, like raincoaster said, to leave comments at LiveJournal or Blogger. Beyond that, it doesn’t have much functionality or purpose.



    Openid is a great idea, but you have to be SURE you are going to keep using the URL. I use Verisign and delegate that to my personal domain. Works perfectly. :o)



    Oops. I just used it to leave a comment on LiveJournal.

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