Silly snowflakes eat up CPU

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    Hi, can you please turn of the silly snowflakes. It drives up CPU usage and reduces my battery time!!!

    Or can I turn it off for my blogs seperately???

    Regards, Max

    The blog I need help with is



    In your blog admin go to Users > Personal settings
    Close to the bottom is “Show falling snow on blogs where it’s enabled.”
    Uncheck that and the CPU will cool down :)



    THANKS! Would have never considered that a USER OPTION … Max



    Thanks mjpucher for raising the issue and mark/support for the reply… it’s javascript, right? Very intensive usage! Slowing WordPress right down to a snail’s pace for me (Firefox/XP) and crashing Windows Media Player. Thanks again both.



    What a relief!! I didn’t know what that was. I kept seeing those white dots moving on the screen when I went to Freshly Pressed. Thought something was wrong with my computer monitor. How annoying. So glad to finally be able to turn it off. Love WordPress but the white dots was too much.


    Ditto the relief! Which just goes to show that there’s something for everybody. I had to “plow” (sorry……. couldn’t help it….) my way through forum postings raving about the delight these little snow dots were creating, before finding this discussion about how to turn them OFF! For me it was like I was seeing spots before my eyes.

    Ah! Life has once again returned to a sense of orderliness. Happy Holidays.

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