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    The category sidebar in Simpla is not displaying at the top of the page. It is way, way, way, down at the end of all posts. It does this only in IE. It displays fine in Firefox.


    Actually for me, when I have Simpla activated, it does that for me in Firefox. It seems to be a flaw in the theme.


    I had the same problem with both Simpla and Dusk. I haven’t looked at the code for Dusk, but I think I know what’s happening with Simpla:

    I noticed that _sometimes_ Simpla displays normally and sometimess the sidebar is moved. The same thing is happening with your blog on my machine in Firefox. The first time I loaded it, the sidebar was displaced. After a reload, it was in the correct spot.

    If the sidebar is saved as sidebar.php, it might be the case that it isn’t loading fast enough. So when the stylesheet says to float, the browser isn’t sure what it’s floating the content and navigation divs with respect to.

    It’s only a theory, but it’s the only one that I can come up with to display the inconsistent behavior.



    However it was fixed on my site, the sidebar is properly displaying in IE. As much as I like Firefox for NOT being Microsoft, its display is superior to Firefox for my site, and others.

    Since you are far more expert than me, can I sneak in a question? . . . . Is there a way to create an index or directory of multiple posts in a single category so that someone could see the titles they wanted to examine at a glance without having to scroll through 10+ — or is that the limit for a usable category?



    Yes and no. If you go under Options: Reading there is a field that says “show at most X posts.” The default is 10, but you can ratchet it up, so if someone clicked on a category page they would see 50 posts instead of 10, which would mean less clicking on “view previous entries.”

    But I guess the problem with that is that in most themes, when you click on a category page, you see the entire post, not just the title.

    That’s part of why I like the Hemingway theme. When someone views the archives or categories, they first see the titles, then have to click to view the full post. That’s a better way to navigate, in my opinion.



    Thanks. You’re right: that is a better way to navigate.



    Andeas04 sidebar doesn’t show on front page with Internet Explorer for me on my blog, but comes up on succeeding pages. Sidebar works just fine right from the front with Firefox.
    I have a posting: “Kludge for web browsers that dont get it”.
    That’s a kludge way to cope with the problem of visitors not being able to see what’s on my site.



    9 times out of 10 it’s usually because you have some incorrect code within your posts. You may want to turn off the rich editor and manually review your posts looking for incorrect code.

    This has been discussed many times here before. (And it’s always IE too.)

    Good luck,

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