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Simple Answers to Everyday Questions

  1. Are you lonely? Are you dating? Do you have a rogue teenager? Are you worried about what people say about you on Facebook? Do you need more attention from your man? Is your child being bullied? Do you have an "ex" that will not stop harassing you?

    Simple answers to complicated questions.

    Feedback appreciated! Do you like the photos on the sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Headless Mother's Day Gifts

    Warning: This post may gross you out!

  3. New Post:

    What is worse than the Cocaine epidemic of the 90's?

  4. Hilarious photos of my garage.

    Do you think I should have a yard sale?

    Maybe or donate?


  5. A few beautiful photos taken of flowers and my crazy cat.

  6. Recipe for old fashioned Banana Parfait. It is delicious!

    Photos included!

  7. The restaurant controversy:

    Ever been to a restaurant and had several babies crying so loud that you could not enjoy your meal?

    Interesting discussion and comments on the subject.

  8. Do you need a few positive words for the day?

    This is a single sentence that a very wise person once said to me that I think about every single day.


    Please note: I am now an Independant and refuse to join a political party. I have renounced my previous political party membership.

    I am writing Hillary Clinton's name on the ballot, and I don't care that she isn't running.

  10. Suburbitches

    The latest rant about my life in surburgatory:

  11. @ WP bloggers - Hurt my ankle and foot severly - on crutches and cannot do much. Nothing to do but surf the net all day. It stinks. If you are wondering why I have been on WP so much lately. Nothing to do but read blogs and comment. The Ortho doc put a huge boot on my leg. It looks like something NASA would give to walk on the moon. So, if you need feedback let me know - I have nothing but time right now. :)

  12. @ WP Bloggers - My new username is LizEccentric7, and also changed my Gravatar photo. My kids said the username "LizFruitberry" was very uncool. I have to agree with them.

    I also plugged in my facebook account on the Gravatar profile. You can contact me on Facebook at:
    (public profile)

    Changed the header and the look of my site. Feedback please?

  13. Suburbitches:

    Caution: This post will most likey tick you off.

    Liz Fruitberry (LizEccentric7)

  14. Aruba: Let's Go "Glamping"

    The new eco-friendly form of traveling.

    Photos and my trip planner to Aruba.

  15. Aruban swimsuit model shoots on the Beach

    Thought I might make the post a little more interesting for all the men on WP.

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