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Simple but good themes?

  1. What are some themes that look good, but won't completely slog the speed of my internet? I want to be able to go to my page without it taking ten minutes to load, is all. My internet hates me. Bad.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. all themes here should allow you to load in decent time. The problem really depends on whats on the blog and how much of it is shown.
    For example, a blog that shows 10-15 blog post on the front page usually take longer to load then a blog with only 6 posts on the front page.
    A blog with a whole bunch of pictures and videos will take longer to load then a blog with mostly text.
    If you have Firefox, I recommend at least getting the Flashblock or AdBlockPlus addon, that way it'll slow down loading time. But, to me at least, it has little to do with the themes and more to do with how the owner of the blog decides to post stuff.


  3. Flashblock or AdBlockPlus addon, that way it'll slow down loading time

    I meant that it'll SPEED up loading time lol

    anyways, good luck :)

  4. Personally I like Blix and ChaosTheory as they are quite simple :)

  5. I use Ocean Mist myself, but Connections isn't bad, either. Freshy looks pretty good, too.

  6. Black LetterHead is good for starters

  7. pornstarbabylon

    Themes aren't necessarily the problem. It's what people add on to their pages like large images and shiny, glittery images. Make it simple and not have so much on the sidebar. I had so many images and things on my sidebar and it always looked horrible on Internet Explorer. Then someone couldn't get to my Twitter and Myspace because something weird started mixing together. So I just put everything that I had extra on my sidebar onto Pages now. The sidebar looks cleaner now and I'm sure loads more quickly.

  8. pornstarbabylon

    Also, don't have too many posts on the main page. The other day someone had a month's worth of posts on the front page!

  9. I think "Ocean Mist" by Ed Merritt (one of the default schemes) looks great and is easy on the eyes.

    It allows you to add a fairly large picture to the top of the blog page: mine is a pic of the great wall from 2 years ago. It really brightens up the page and makes it unique!

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