Simple Configuration 101 for Windows Live Writer

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    Might I suggest this be made a sticky in the Supprt Forum??

    March directed me to a webpage but upon reading it I found out that it did not lucidly explain the procedure.

    Hence my simplified list format procedure:-

    1) Go through the upgrade/migration via the wizard that you will see.

    2) when complete, you should have your URL (http://***********

    3) Open and run Windows Live Writer.

    4) Go to the Home tab, on WL Writer 2011 and click Add New Account

    5) on the List of account options select Other Blog Service, and go through the procedure: URL, username, password.

    6 With luck this should do the trick.

    I hope this will help all the other folk coming over from WL Spaces(y)


    Charlie, thanks for posting this as I’m sure it will come in handy for others.

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