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    Many of the ‘automatic’ features in WordPress don’t work in my elderly browser, and I Ihad to do a lot of searching and experimenting to find what html codes work.

    Here are the results, for anyone in the same situation :

    – – –

    General, applies to both images and documents :

    These are the image formats you can use : .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
    These are the document formats you can use : .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .pptx, odt

    Ensure that the item you plan to upload has a title that is usable by WordPress (letters, numbers, -) , and keep to that title. You could change the title of the item in your Media Library by editing , but it will retain the original URL. The URL cannot be edited.
    For example, suppose I upload a document instrs.pdf. I then use Edit in the Media Library to change the document title to newinstrs.pdf. The UR: will continue to end with instrs.pdf. So if I write code asking for newinstrs.pdf to be downloaded, it will get a ‘file not found’ error.

    Upload the image or document to your Media Library.
    Edit its title to add the format suffix if need be, e.g. dress.jpg

    The first time I uploaded images I had to wait 25 hours until they were useable, but I haven’t had problems since.

    The numbers in the UR are the year and month the item was uploaded,
    You can see the full URL of the image or document file if you click on Edit for the item in your Media Library.

    The URL in the Media Library and in the html code must be exactly the same, all lower case. I’ve learned the bard way that it’s best to copy the URL from the Media Library !

    – – –

    Images :

    To add an image to your post, use this html code where you want the image to appear :

    <img src=”
    URL of image
    text to replace image
    ” />

    Note space before alt, and before slash.

    I keep my template in this format, as it’s easy to paste the replacements. But you must return it to a single line before use or it won’t work.
    For example :
    <img src=” alt=”image” />

    – – –

    URLs :

    This is some text that I’m typing [‘some text’ should be underlined !]

    gets coded, using the URL of WordPress as an example, as :

    This is
    <a href=”
    some text

    that I’m typing.

    Again straighten out the template when you’ve done the pasting or it won’t work (retain the space after <a).

    If your link doesn’t work, try removing the slash from /”>.

    – – –

    Downloadable .pdfs and other documents :

    The html code for a clickable download link to a document is like the code for a URL :

    <a href=”
    the URL of the document to be downloaded
    what you want to appear in your post as the link to be clicked

    Here are some possibilities :


    Download PDF

    ­ right click here and “save as”

    To embed the link in text , for example :
    Here is a printable version of the instructions. [‘printable version’ underlined]

    gets coded as :

    Here is a printable version of the instructions.

    – – –

    Enjoy, if you need it this could save you hours even days of experimentation, disappointment, frustration. . . !



    P.S. sorrry, the last items have shown the result not the html – don’t know how to cure that :D


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    Put code between backticks so it will publish as code. The backtick is the symbol on the same key as the tilde ~ but lowercase. (U.S. keyboard)

    From below the comment box here:
    “You can also put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.”



    how to post in wordpress with specific html code? like to bold, italics, change color, etc.
    can anyone inform me this?
    need help..



    We need the URL of your blog first, so we can give an appropriate answer. The site linked to your name is a Blogspot blog, and we won’t be able to help with that.



    sorry, some more things appear to have been stripped from my post

    the last 3 lines of my ‘template should be :

    some text
     that I'm typing.

    same thing missing, the last lines of the ‘templlate’ should be

    ‘`you want to appear in your post as the link to be clicked

    Thanks for the tip about the backtick ! I hope this works now. . .



    same thing missing, the last lines of the ‘templlate’ should be

    you want to appear in your post as the link to be clicked

    What a pity there’s no way of editing these messages !

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