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simple-image-link widget

  1. hi, its me
    I have more than one blog and link to have a widget to add a link with an image. I found an plug-in and downloadet it, but I can seem to find the function to for the plug-in to be added to my wordpress widgets. Were do I find this and how do I install this plug-in?
    Pls help...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plugins are only for wordpress.ORG installs. There is not FTP access to blogs and we cannot install plugins into them. Sorry.
    Check out our article on the differences. >

    The instructions you need are found here > Links ยป Text Widget Links >

  3. There is also the image widget which you can use.

  4. Thanks TT , but I found thesacredpath's suggestion easier to follow ...Problem solved!
    God bless you all, and keep up the good wprk! smile

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