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Simple math on my Stats page incorrect: followers

  1. Simple math on my Stats page is off. 20 followers listed per page x 36 pages = 720.
    On the 37th page (which takes you to my first followers) you'll see 9 readers. Why is my following listed to be 727 (not counting email subscribers)?

    Consequently, the total on my home page is short by 2.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is clear that I have 730 WP followers. And there are now 10 on the 37th page. Heather Grace joined me, and my follower count has not changed since my last posting here. The SUM on the STATS list is reporting only 727.

  3. I am having the follower count problem too. It seems that older followers drop off to make way for the new followers. The total number of pages of followers hasn't changed so each time I get a new follower the oldest follower on the last page just disappears.

    Seems others are having this problem too. Maybe a hang-over of the issue a few days agao where all followers disappeared for many people???

    And I've checked thhis out from 3 different devices with cache and cookies cleared (and one device never used before) and the problem is still there!!

  4. Alarmingly I have noticed that 2 of the followers that have been pushed off my last page by new followers have re-followed, ie, appeared as new followers. I hope their following wasn't removed and they've clicked follow again. I have had about 50 new followers over the last 2 or 3 days!! I'd hate to have lost 50 old timers. :(

  5. 1) I also thought this might be a residual issue from the other day because my count looked funny (short) even after WP had restored my email followers. BUT there have been a number of times I saw my follow count was not keeping up with new subscriptions and WP was not able to help.

    2) I have had a few refollow as well. I was surprised because they did not seem the "type" to unfollow to begin with.

    3) But it does not look like old-timers are being replaced by new ones here. My last page of subscribers on the Stats pages is growing - without the parallel accounting on the aggregate count.

  6. This time there is no question. The aggregate count on top of my Stats list is plainly short. If WP was able to restore the numbers from the email dropouts the other day, this shouldn't be a problem either.

  7. It seems to be resolved for me now so thank you to whoever sorted it out. And I really don't think this was a browser issue. I woke up this morning and on all devices I tried the count was as it should be and my old followers were returned to my last pages.

  8. Clearly it wasn't a browser related issue and no one posted here suggesting that it was.

    I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  9. @TT, THank you.

  10. P.S. I think the browser reference was to this:
    This should be fixed for everyone now. If you are still seeing incorrect follower counts, please clear your browser cache. If that doesn't fix it, contact support and let us know.

  11. Yes it was, but that was not the problem. Thanks.

  12. @TT, clearing the cache did nothing. I am behind by 4 now. Takes seconds to do the math at 20 followers per page. I have 12 on the last Stats page. Says (728) WP followers when the lists amount to 732.

  13. My WP follower count on the STATS page has been stuck at 728 as the number of subscribers grows. Going to bed now but wanted to report 734 followers showing on the Stats pages.

  14. I know all I can do is just wait for Staff at this point. Just wanted to clarify something to help Staff help me. My WP + email + Tumblr followers add up but the problem is the base number of WP readers that lags. At present, it is behind by 6, though it managed to wrench itself out of the 728 mark. After I'd lost my email readers last week and while Staff was troubleshooting, my aggregate count hit 33 before it refreshed. Wondering if the sluggish counter for my WP following is a residual issue. I hope someone can reset my counter! Thank you.

  15. Hi dipumpkin. This issue is also being discuss over here ...

  16. Hi all,

    We're working on determining where the lag is occurring and resolving it. Please do follow the post that Conrad pointed to and we'll make updates there.


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