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    I want to be able to control the time/date that any transfer/domain mapping happens as I’m still working on the site.

    I’m building a site for a client with an existing domain…

    …but I want to upgrade to “Premium” so I can change fonts etc and map the domain once its finished and approved.

    When I purchase the “upgrade” will it ask for the domain name and map it straight away or can I set a time or OTHER ?!?

    The new site I’m building is here:

    Existing domain site is here (pretty horrible):

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m buliding the site whilst logged in to my company account ( – does that matter or can I build as many blogs as I like and effectively ‘keep’ them there and just ‘transfer/map’ them as and when?

    OR do I need to create a whole new account for each site I build? I want full control over the site/s rather than client access.



    When you buy the upgrade, it will want the domain at that time. You can make as many blogs as you like on your account. If you do not give your clients Admin access to the blogs that you build, however, eventually you are going to be sued. I’ve seen it happen far too many times.


    Sued?!? Really?

    Surely there must be millions of websites out there for companies who don’t have access to the admin side?

    There current site is hosted with 1&1, which I believe they quickly set up so obviously have access to that.

    Should I go about this a completely different way then?

    Should I carry on building the site but keep it hosted with 1&1?

    How do I do that?



    The hosting has nothing to do with it; it’s building a site for a company as a work for hire piece and then trying to prevent the company from using the site without you that gets people sued. Nothing to do with WordPress; it’s just business. There are indeed millions of sites out there built for companies that no longer have access or indeed never did have access, and I’ve seen three or four lawsuits for that just among the people I know. It all depends on your contract and how the ownership of the website is specified.


    Well, the client is totally laid back about the whole thing to be honest (as much a friend as a client tbh).

    If they want to make any changes down the line we’ll obviously do that for them as part of the agreement.

    Now I don’t know if I should host it at 1&1 or keep it at and point 1&1 towards it?



    If you want to do ecommerce, you will have to keep it at 1&1 because you can’t use plugins, iframes, flash, or javascript here. Ecommerce code is stripped out entirely.


    Looks like I’d better keep the hosting etc with 1&1for several reasons.

    Problem I can see straight away is that I’ve built it using and so there’s no way to Install onto the 1&1 in order to upload my theme.

    All I have at the moment is a .xml file but I can’t for the life of me wind the ‘import’ area on the 1&1 site


    edit – that should have said can’t FIND the ‘import’…



    You need to install WordPress software in the space first. Get it (and support for your externally hosted blog) at WordPress.ORG.

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