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    I’m sure this one is very easily answered.

    On my site / blog , i have tabs across the top, One of these tabs is VSTs. What i’d like to do is review a vst , publish it , then add another separate post beneath that and so on and so on, How do i add new posts to that tab so that they appear as they do on the home tab ?
    Thats maybe not explained too well. I’d like each new post to be in its own section rather than just having one huge page that scrolls down forever.
    Surely its a really easy one ?
    Would be glad of someones knowledge on this.
    Thx in advance


    The blog I need help with is



    I wish there were a simple title for this question, because we get it multiple times a day and every single one has a different title and tags, so nobody can ever find it in a forum search.

    The tabs are for static pages, not posts. What you can do is, using the Custom Menu feature, make tabs which are links to certain categories or tags on your blog, so if you click, say, the Recipe tab on the header a page with all the recipes pops up.

    There is no way to exclude those posts also from the main blog; they always appear in both places.



    raincoaster , sorry…..i dont know whether its me being just awake or the confusion surrounding the issue ( which to me , boils down to terminology ) but im just not grasping the concept. Its confusing .
    What im trying to do is have a tab called vst. when its clicked , i’d like it to look like this

    Todays date ( most recent post )
    next recent
    next recent
    next recent

    the confusion lies in the names page post tab. It hasnt been explained very well or people would be understanding it and it wouldnt be getting asked so much. Maybe , since its such a fundamental thing , a proper non-head-wrecking explanation should be looked at , as it would free up a lot of space on the forum , and free up peoples time to answer more important things.
    It should be really easy , but its explained very badly lol



    like it was said in that post , how am i meant to understand this

    ” So, taken literally, the question doesn’t make sense. A static page is like a post – like one post: asking if you can display “posts on a page” you have created is just like asking if you can display posts on a post. “


    Could someone just do

    step one — new post
    step two — write post
    step three — click this
    step four — click that

    its much more practical than that description of posts on a post.

    please , someone just give me a step by step description — a practical one , rather than all the theory behind it.
    Understanding comes by doing.



    No need to apologize. We didn’t come up with the terminology.

    Technically, can you make a post go on any page? no, you can’t. Can you work around it so it functions like that anyway? Yes.

    I’m afraid the instructions don’t get any easier than the ones offered here:



    Hello 2ndmouse,

    Have you ever wanted to have a different title for one of your pages than the label displayed in your site’s navigation? Ever wanted to change the order of the list of pages to an order you chose yourself? Ever wanted to be able to mix pages, categories, and random links in your navigation instead of your theme deciding for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck! The new custom menus feature will do all those things.

    You could choose to switch to a theme with the custom menu feature:

    Currently, the following themes have this feature enabled: Twenty Ten, Structure, Vostok, Bueno, Enterprise, Notepad, Paperpunch, MistyLook, Under the Influence, Vigilance, Greyzed, Wu Wei, Blix, Cutline, Freshy, Contempt, Ambiru, Digg3, Koi and Modularity Lite.

    If you do decide to do that then this post may also be helpful >


    @the2ndmouse: The phrase you isolated is there to emphasize the absurdity of the question “how do I put posts on pages” – a question we’re tired of seeing and a misconception we’re tired of trying to clear up. You didn’t phrase your question that way, so forget that phrase of mine and try reading the rest of the post: it lists all the possible ways of doing what you’re looking for, with links to other articles that explain what to do in what themes.

    Step one for you is file your posts under various categories (how to do that is also covered in my post).



    I understand how to make the categories
    I tried making a test post yesterday , and sent it to a special category i’d set up called VST . thinking it would then appear when i clicked the vst tab , with the next posts i’d make , following in a sequential order , but it was dumped to the home page.. I also understand your impatience with the subject matter cos it would drive me mad having to explain something that seems so abstract all day. I apologise for adding to your headacheyness , but maybe one last definitive , step-based answer would clear the issue up and leave no room for confusion ?




    As we said above it will always go to the Home page. ALWAYS. This is how blogging works and you cannot avoid it.

    That is as clear as I can make this. It will show up on your category tab, but it will also ALWAYS show up on your home page and there is no way to avoid this. Stop worrying about it, because it is impossible for you to control.



    sorry Timethief , but maybe i’m stuck with this theme now cos if i change , all the page formatting will be thrown out of whack and thinks will be all skewed ? I was setting up a wordpress for my bosses business , and that happened on his….things that looked normal in one theme became staggered like steps when i switched to a new theme , so im reluctant to adapt to another one , even though newer , cooler themes have probably been developed since i chose the ” contempt ” theme.



    So if I understand you correctly raincoaster, there is no way for me to have an introduction to my website on the front page? I hoped I could have an intro on the “home” page, and then have my blog in “What’s up?”, but this is impossible?

    Is there no trick with which you can work around this? I guess basically what I’m asking is whether I can have the “home” page as a static page and then do my blog in one of pages.

    Or I guess, renaming the main tab and/or the webaddress would do the same thing.

    If you read this far, thanks for bearing with me, and any help would be greatly appriciated! :)



    No, you are not understanding me correctly.

    If you want a static page with an introduction, just create a Page rather than a Post and under Settings->Reading, set that as the front page of the whole site.



    Fantastic!! Brilliant actually :)

    Thank you so much, I got it exactly the way I wanted now :)



    Congrats! Know that a static front page will negatively effect your search engine rankings, becuase all search engines like to see constantly updated stuff as close to the front of a site as possible, but if you can live with that, then great.



    okey, thanks for the tip! But I’m sorta in a niché market, so search engine results doesn’t really matter to me :)


    @the2ndmouse: I’m not at all impatient with this subject matter – I’m only impatient with those who don’t bother to study the info we provide. Contempt falls under case 3 in my post: custom menus. You need to go to Appearance > Menus and create a custom menu comprising your VST category and whatever else you want. Timethief above had also given you the list of themes that support custom menus as well as the link to the relevant how-to doc:



    ok. glad to hear the contempt theme supports the custom menu , cos i looked at timethiefs suggested theme and dont like any of them.

    Im still not 100% clear about the posts v pages debacle , but if those who are offering help are gonna be so sharp with me for trying to understand how it works , i’ll just go try and find out for myself.



    I’ll do my best to explain but I doubt I can do a better job than the official support information! Pages are static, you write them once and they stay put, in most blogs these are used for contact and “about me” information and often appear in the navigation bar as tabs.

    When you update your blog you are most likely adding a new post. These can be categorised and tagged, they will automatically appear on your home page ordered according to how recent they are. You can also view posts dependent on things like categories/tags/author/month/etc and these lists of posts are automatically generated so they’ll update each time you add a new post.

    What you want to do is create a navigation menu that includes both static pages and an automatically generated list of posts that are all in the “VSTs” category. When you want to add a new VST recommendation to this list recommend simply make a normal post and add it to the “VSTs” category.

    To create your menu:

    • Go to Appearance > Menus from your dashboard.
    • Create a new menu and give it a name.
    • Add in the existing pages that you want from the drop-down, these will be things like “Origin”, “My Music”, “Reviews” etc.
    • Add in any categories you want from the drop-down, this will be “VSTs”
    • Add in any external links you want, this could be a direct link to your Soundcloud/Myspace/Twitter profile.
    • On the right side you can now re-order all the tabs you’ve added and save it
    • From “Theme Locations” select the menu you’ve just created and save again

    View your blog and marvel at your shiny new menu!

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