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    I’m new to this. Can someone please tell me how I can add my buddy so he can post on my blog? Please?



    In your Dashboard click the Users tab, then the Authors & Users tab. At the bottom you’ll see this:
    <strongType the username of another user to add them to your blog.

    Of course if your buddy is not a user, he will need to become one in order for that to work ;)



    I tried adding my sister to my blog, but when she logs in, she’s only able to write posts to her own blog. When I sign in to her account, I don’t see any way to toggle between the two blogs. Under “Your blogs” I can select Blog1, the one we share, but at some point WordPress automatically changes to Blog2, and I can’t find a way to get it back.



    From your control panel, try to add your sister as a user.
    admin panel->users->Author&User now give your sister’s user name in the add user box.

    That’s all.
    I just add one of my friends as user to my blog.



    I did that, but when she logs on, it takes her automatically to her own blog and can’t find a way back to mine/ours.



    I am trying to find out how to control font size. anyone have an idea?


    sorellina: she has to login at

    She’s probably trying to login to her OWN site, but that doesn’t work.

    And donbryant: You cannot change the overall theme’s font size. Sorry.


    Just curious..Any news on when we will be able to add google adwords?




    When? There hasn’t been an answer as to when but considering your getting your blog for free here….


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