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    Hi, all, I’m new here
    I’m using the benevolence theme, and I’m in the process of switching from to

    I’m at the final frontier – but I’m having one last problem. On, something is weird with the width of the page – there’s a lot more space to the right of the body than on the left. I just want it to be centered, with variable width so that as the browser changes size, the body stays centered.

    Is there something simple to fix this or is it the difference betwen fixed width and variable width? I am admittedly not very informed on any of this.

    Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post clickable link(s) for the blog(s) in question starting with http://

    #443261 shows up centered (and remains centered if you drag the browser window) in 5 different browsers I tried (including IE). Which browser and version are you using?

    And no, that’s not the difference between fixed- and flexible-width themes: in flexible-width themes it’s the main column that changes width.



    If this is the one you mean then it’s not a blog. It’s running on software and the version of Benevolence that we use on is not the same. The one we have here has been adapted to run on software from the theme that was originally created to run on software. The bottom line is that we cannot help you with it at The correct forum for you to post to is here Themes and Templates >

    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)



    Snap! “ ” above was meant to be “”


    How do I create a link to this blog from my Facebook account so that my Facebook account shows the bloglink??


    @timethief: Right! I noticed the blog name in the OP’s post but (in my eagerness to maybe find yet another IE problem!) I didn’t notice the absence of the admin bar…



    I’m sorry but provided you cannot find a thread on the same issue in the forum searchbox, then you will have to create your own thread for your own issue. What you have done here is called “thread jacking”. It amounts to posting an off-topic matter into a thread where another issue is being discussed and that leads to confusion.



    I know exactly what you mean. Every day at least once a day I forget to check out the blog in question and this happens to me too — no problem. :)

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