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    I have just opened an account for me to post a blog. Why is there so much guff placed onto a new account? Widgets, different page styles, etc, etc, etc. All I want to do is come onto this site, without having to take a degree in understanding all of this stuff, and post a blog. Then, once I have posted a few times, I would be happy to look at all this guff about stats, polls, etc, etc, etc. My page is supposed to be vostok, it looks nothing like it. Does it look like vostok to people viewing? I wanted to link this blog to facebook. My facebook account is set to only specific people I want to be in touch with, not all their friends, etc, etc, etc. if I post a link here and there, will my facebook details and complete profile show up, or is it still anonymous? I could look through the forums and thousands of words and queries, why isn’t wordpress simplified? It is a fantastic idea but over complicated at the start level. We have not all grown up with computers!! please simplify this. Soirry to be negative, but where the hell do you start?

    I want to post a blog, see what it looks like, link it to facebook without my personal details showing and then go forward from there.

    Please tell me how I can do that in les than a hundred words.

    Thank you


    The blog I need help with is



    Can’t do it in 100 words or less, but if you are up for a few more here are two resources for you.



    Hi. In 100 words or less: open up and take it easy. You are learning to use a new system after all.

    Also, take a look at this guide:



    We all posted at the same time, and all with the same link. It’s a block party, haha!
    Hi tsp and jen.



    Tutorial here > and the link to it is on the bottom of your Admin page “Learn WordPress — Tutorials and Walkthroughs”



    I can do it in 100 words or less:

    Ignore all of that. Just start typing. When you’re done, hit Publish.


    The reason your “vostok” doesn’t look like the vostok in the theme page or in the themes site is that you do not have a full-width image at the beginning of the default sample post.

    Read up on the links provided by Jennifer and me and then things might start to make some sense.



    Also: if you want it to be anonymous, don’t link it to your Facebook account, duh, or it won’t be anonymous anymore. One of your Facebook friends will Out you sooner or later. It ALWAYS happens. It ALWAYS happens.



    Hallo all! Thanks for your help, my apologies for not replying earlier. I have been away. I have now begun to post.

    Thanks again


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