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Since the new Update on WordPress, some of my Headlines are broken

  1. jungemedienhamburg

    hi, i have the a blog hosted on wordpress with neat. theme. since the last updates yesterday some of my headlines are broken. maybee someone can help me to fix the problem or has a explanation for me. it was also yesterday, when i notice, that all the tagwords are now in the footer of every post, maybee it has something to do with the wordpress updates for XML Sitemaps.

  2. They changed it so that tags now show on the front page of the blog in all themes. That's not going to change back; it was deliberate.

    When you say your headlines are "broken" could you be more specific? I see some unusual punctuation and so on, but because I can't read German I'm not sure if that's supposed to be there or not.

  3. jungemedienhamburg

    What we found out, that is a mozilla/firefox bug in neat theme, after a backup on wordpress server.

  4. I suggest you send this to support along with all information you can provide about the issue (Die Antworten kommen meistens schnell und sind sehr nett):

  5. jungemedienhamburg

    schon geschehen:-) danke für den hinweis! bin ja mal gespannt, was dabei herauskommt....

  6. jungemedienhamburg

    as I supposed, there was only an automatically response....Yipie-Yah-Yeahhh:

    Can you try a few things?

    Force a refresh on your browser...

    Clear the browser's cache...


    Automattic |

    so, if nobody fixed the bug, we have to look, that we keep our headlines shorter...or we must change our theme

  7. No, the procedure is to do what she said and reply including her message in your reply.

  8. Could you provide the browser version this is happening with?

  9. jungemedienhamburg

    hi, its mozilla firefox version .

    @raincoaster ok, i 'll try to reply.

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