since two days i cannot publish posts immediately

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    i¨m posting via blogsy but since two days the ¨planned¨ status appears, and there is no publication (now) status, so please let me know why as soon as possible
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    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve flagged this thread for Staff support with your issue. Please be patient while waiting.



    Blogsy is not under our development, so we can’t troubleshoot problems in that app.

    Please try to use our WordPress for iOS app instead.


    Hi, the problem is probably on Your side, cause Blogsy is only the platform that helps to write posts, and as long as it’s only about writing and sending it to WordPress – it’s working perfectly. the problem starts when the post is “hanged” on the WordPress platform. it seems that it’s landing in a line of, I don’t know, “waiting posts”??? for an hour or two it’s marked as planned, with the date and hour I never set myself. more – i can’t change it via mobile app, i have it already, and it’s far from the word good, that’s why i use blogsy. when i’m trying to change a status – it’s loading, and loading, and loading…..and nothing happens.,And when You see that there is a difference of time, between my readers and me – 2 hours – it’s getting to be a problem, so please help me to solve it. Have a good afternoon ;) Jacek



    If you receive this error message in the Blogsy app, please send a screenshot to Blogsy support through this e-mail address.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    I’m truly sorry, but it’s really the problem with You: the screenshot, preview or wathever You call it, in the blogsy app is ok. The problem is that it’s seems – I’ll try to repeat it, cause You don’t seem to understand – that in the WordPress cockpit, the post, after I write it, and press the button: publish, is not published but have a status of: planned for the hour and day that I haven’t set, and – via WordPress application form iPad which I use – it is not possible to change it. I have to go to another computer, what is not always possible, and via Mozilla (wordpress dosen’t run fully on Windows as well) change the hour of publication for an earlier one – and then post is finally publish. It’s complicated and shouldn’t happend as far as I know. So one more time – sorry for inconvenience as well – but Your replay doesn’t solve my problem. So, I’ll be really thankfull if You try to understand it and work it out. Thank You so much, please contact me in case of any questions Jacek



    Hi Jacek. Just to reiterate, Blogsy is an app that’s not developed by, so we cannot provide support for it. From your description, it sounds like posts are created with the “scheduled” status rather than “published” status when you use Blogsy to create them. I checked your blog and did not find any blogs with the “scheduled” status – have you already changed the status to published?

    Please, report the issue to Blogsy support via their email address for support with the app.


    Hi Jenia: i tell You what I did now: I’ve change the hour of publishing the post in blogsy – seems to me it’s working. I know You are totally out of charge with blogsy, but from their side it looks like everything is good. The method of publishing previous posts – with using of iPad and computer – I described in previous message ;)
    Still I don’t know why the dashboard in mobile app for iPad doesn’t works properly? Any updates there? All the best J



    @jacekzakrzewski: hi there, I had a developer help me test the Blogsy app. He created a post via Blogsy, and the post was published right away without going to a “scheduled” first. Could you please let me know the steps that you take when publishing via Blogsy, do you alter the date/time before publishing? One thing to consider is your timezone, you can update your timezone via Settings > General. And you have not done so already, please report issues that occur when you are using Blogsy to the Blogsy support directly.

    Regarding your second question, I’m afraid I don’t follow. What kind of issues do you have with the dashboard on your iPad? Do you see any error messages or are you unable to complete some tasks? Perhaps you could upload a screenshot to your media library to demonstrate the issue you’ve run into.

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