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Singapore Sucks! - The Book

  1. A writer once described Singapore as “Disneyland with the death penalty”.

    However, for many Singaporeans – like myself – who have to put up with the draconian rules for decades now, we are not feeling the Disney at all. Just the penalties. Therefore, we get very annoyed with the mainstream media – especially the government-owned dailies circulating in Singapore – for their unhealthy fixation on the “Disney” side of Singapore.

    Well, we know what the doctors say about pain. And we ignore the societal pains plaguing Singapore at our own peril.

    That’s why we – being the conscientious writers that we are - came together to write Singapore Sucks!

    And not because we are sarcastic hacks with entirely too much time on our hands.

    Singapore Sucks! is a delightful bouquet of sarcasm, humour and insolent honesty. The discerning reader may even recognise a hint of patriotic fervour.

    Through an eclectic collection of short stories, essays and poems, our panel of largely Singaporean writers have captured and managed to convey the peculiar brand of insanity that can only be described as Uniquely Singapore. This book leads you through to the other side of the looking glass; behind all the hocus-pocus you will find hitherto unexplored territory… Here, virgin explorers shall marvel at sights that will satisfy even the most carnal appetites for the strange and macabre.

    Welcome to Singapore.

    ~ Singa Crew

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  2. Check my blog for updates and a picture of the book cover!

  3. Awesome, singacrew.

    I spend most of my time in a place with a laundry list of human rights violations and an authoritarian government. But when I come visit family and friends in the West all I can hear about is how great it must be!

    It's good to hear people speaking out who know better.

  4. Thank you aeliusblythe!

    I forgot to include the link to my Facebook fan page (for the book) in the blog entry. Correcting that mistake now.

    I have just added:

    Please click “Like” on our Facebook fan page:

    The launch date for the book will be announced there.

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