singed up for, where is import option?

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    I have a free blog setup on, I searched how to import and it says to click on tools or manage. I dont’ see any of those options anywhere?


    Go to your blog’s dashboard. Look at the left side. Scroll down til you see ‘Tools’. Click on it or let your cursor hover on it. You’ll see ‘import’.



    thanks found it!

    During the import, does it give you a summary of the progress or if there where errors?


    No, there’s no progress summary, though you might get an error report occasionally.

    I’ve done a few imports here in and they’ve all worked very well. But I do know that it hasn’t gone as smoothly for some people.

    You’re supposed to receive an email when import has finished but I’ve, personally, never bothered to wait for it! I just go into the blog from time to time, to the ‘all posts’ and ‘all pages’ pages in the dashboard, and see how many posts and pages have arrived there. (Ditto the media library). If you make a note of the number of posts, pages, and images that you have in the blog from which you’ve exported the content, and then see what’s left to appear, you’ll get an idea of how things are going.

    If your blog from which you’re exporting has a lot of content, don’t be surprised if it takes a long time.



    I got the email saying it was successful, but I don’t see any new content in either posts or pages (it just has the first default ‘hello world’ post).

    So I guess it failed but w/o any reason.


    Try these steps, please:

    Clear your cache and then log back in to your account.

    If that doesn’t help, disenable any browser add ons you might have and if that makes a difference, gradually re-enable them to see which was the culprit.

    Update Flash

    Update your browser

    Try a different browser.

    You can achieve the last two options via this:

    If those steps don’t help, then come back here, give us the URL (web address) of the blog into which you’ve imported your content and we’ll try to help you further.

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