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    Template: Ambiru By: Phu Ly

    Is there a way to make the center column wider for this blog?

    This isn’t a professional blog or anything, just something some friends and I are playing with, but would like to make it wider so our pictures fit better without us having to shrink them down.

    Would also like possible make it so you need to click on the tile of the entry to see the whole story instead of seeing it right away. (but that is for later if possible)

    Thanks in advance, Kasumi.



    It would be possible if you had the CSS upgrade.

    It’s recommended you purchase the CSS upgrade if you know CSS well enough to modify it. There’s no CSS support here.



    Ok, Thanks.



    Is the CSS upgrade give you the ablity to use CSS or does it just give you access to more templates? Do you know of any blogs here that are using that upgrade?


    It just gives you the ability to edit the CSS on the themes listed under appearance > themes. You cannot upload or use themes found on the internet, and CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS from one theme on another theme. It will break things.

    There are literally thousands of people using the paid CSS upgrade, but there is no list. You can go through the threads in the CSS customization forum and look for links to blogs where people have been asking questions about CSS.

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