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SIngle widget across Enterprise footer

  1. I've succeeded in reducing Enterprise's three footer widgets to one that spans the entire width of the page -- exactly what I wanted. Except that no matter how I adjust the padding, I'm losing the width of about 5 characters off the right side. Anyone got a suggestion as to how I can corral those errant characters and get the right edge of the text to behave? Currently the spec for the widget reads:

    .footer-widgeted-1 {

    I hid the other widgets by reducing their measurements to zero.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "losing the width of about 5 characters". There's a few things that you could clean up that might help. The width should be 890px due to the fact you have 15px padding on each side. You can't float anything to the center so delete that line as it shouldn't exist. Also you can easily hide the other footer widget areas with:


    which will remove them from the page completely. Are you expecting the links in the tag cloud to extend all the way to the edge of the grey box? This won't happen as you've specified the padding. Sorry if that doesn't help much. It looks exactly as I'd expect it to in FF 3.6.8 considering the CSS styles you've applied.

  3. I knew I was overlooking something simple. Changing the width to 890px fixed it. Thanks!!

  4. I've love what you've done with the theme. I didn't even recognise it as Enterprise for a start ...

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