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single year licence

  1. i only want to site to be active for one year, I am concerned that if I do an upgrade for $99 per year that I will be charged the same amount next year. How do I make sure I am only charged once. By the way the site is being set up for a pilgrimage to the holy land in April, and is only existing so that people on the tour can contribute.
    what is the easiest way to enable people on the tour to post articles?
    i will be taking my ipad2, and I already have the app, which seems really easy to use.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make sure that Auto Renew is not enabled

    Dashboard >> My Upgrades

    People can give you the articles to Post or you can add them as Authors to the blog then they can Post their on material - if you add them as Contributors then and Admin or Editor will need to approve the content before it is published

  3. See also:

    One thing to consider - the $ 99.-- package includes a custom domain name if you want - if you do a custom domain name and it expires then people will have trouble finding your history of your travels after the first year - so if you intend this to be a record of your travels to live on for some time - the custom domain name would need to be renewed yearly to help people find your site - or you can just use the existing site and the search engines will not be confused

  4. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I like the idea of adding folk as authors, but I can't seem to work out how to do that. Even if I have given an author permission to post, how will they actually do that? do they log in on the home page, or is there another way? should there be an option visible on the front page for people to post? there doesn't seem to be such an option at the moment, unless I am logged in myself.
    Just a bit confused at the moment, only new at this, sorry

  5. Once you add a person to your blog as an Author - they will need to have or set up a WordPress.COM account - the account is how security is done - they will log into the same dashboard / blog that you do - BUT - they won't have the same options as you do on the left side of the dashboard - Authors can write but they can't change the way the blog looks (change theme) etc.

    If you don't have the "Meta" Widget on your sidebar think about adding that - it has a "Log in" link in it - easier for people to get in - you don't need to send them a special link etc

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