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    On my singular posts pages I want to move the title upwards so that I don’t have such a large gap between the “posted on” and the back and forth arrows. Exactly what do I modify to get that to work?
    I’ve found the “.singular .entry-header” part in my css and I can make the title go left and right but whenever I try to move it up with margins the title doesn’t move but rather the content below it moves up underneath the title.

    The blog I need help with is



    bump. Anyone able to answer?


    This helps a bit.

    .singular .entry-title {padding-top: 0px;}



    I’ve added that line in now but unfortunately nothing has changed and attempting to change the value also is not moving anything.


    And you are looking at the single post? In my test environment on your page it moves it up. It still looks a little too far down to me, but it definitely moves it up on that page.

    I test using the Web Developer addon for firefox. It allows you to “edit” css on a live web page on your browser. It of course cannot change the web page, but it adds your css to it for that browser session. But of course you should be able to get the same effect of course in your css edit.



    Nope, it’s not working for me. I even set it to -50px to test but it still did not move.


    So odd it works for me, but not for you. Will have to wait for the experts I guess. We will both learn something.


    I tested this and houstonweaver’s solution worked for me.

    You could close the gap even more with this:

    .singular .hentry {
    	padding-top: 0;

    Looks like the theme has been changed though, so it’s not an issue any more. :)


    Designsimply, thanks for the update.


    :) Couldn’t help myself.

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