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  1. I am curious about my blog and its traffic! Is there any way you can allow me to try advertising for a trial like ad plus or whatever it's called. I'm wondered how much I could monetize with my blog at its current rate or if it even makes sense right now as I'm still in my infancy stage. I am wondering what I could expect to make through advertising ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have the option to apply to the WordAds program visit this link to see if your blog is eligible:

  3. It's only eligible for a premium member as that was my point, I want to test it out before I commit to a premium subscription to even see if its worth it!

  4. plans and other purchases can be canceled within 30 days of purchasing so yes, you do have the option to try it.

    You are correct, users upgrading to the Premium or Business plans do have automatic access to the WordAds program, however bloggers with moderate to high traffic and appropriate content also have the option to apply to the WordAds program. Have you already checked to see if your blog is eligible?

  5. No is that the link you provided earlier ?

  6. Yes, you can visit and at the bottom of the page on the left is an "Apply" button.

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