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    i can’t access my site (even without logging in) on a regular basis. it happens to allow me sometimes, other times it just gives error message. when it gave me problem yesterday, i asked my friend in another country to check if the blog address is working at that time. it was working, he was able to access my blog. i am guessing, the problem is probably with the proxy server i am using. do you think, it may have anything to do with wp? any solutions?



    What operating system, browser (and version number) and security software are you running?

    Is it just your blog you can’t access or is the entire domain? When you’re having problems can you get to other sites other than (like Google)?


    Windows XP Home edition, Internet explorer, symantec firewall. I can access the domain, am able to log in, but can’t access dashboard (sometimes – it’s sort of unpredictable). also, when i do find access, i can’t upload any pics on my blog (started to happen only recently).

    yes, i can access other sites like blogger, live journal.



    And what specific blog can’t you get to? That would help us because we could test it from different countries.



    Also what specific error message are you getting when you can’t see the site?

    I’m assumign that this is your blog, right?


    yeah, that’s the one. it’s working fine from other countries. my friends did that checking for me. just with Pakistan, where i am writing it from. a few months ago, some ISPs put a ban on wordpress (because of gov control, etc. issues). the particular ISP i use doesn’t block it. in any case, i can understand if it was totally blocked. but to have it blocked sometimes, other times, i could access it, that’s perplexing. also, i am able to access the domain and log in, but nothing further.

    like i would be able to access it for 10 min, and then, all of a sudden, it would stop. The message I usually get is this: “Connection to server failed (The server is not responding.)” I can’t access other wordpress blogs either. (Am able to access other blog sites like blogspot and live journal fine).



    Then it would probably be the government blocking issue. You may want to contact the government (I thought they’d taken that restriction off) or you can use the workarounds in this thread:


    thanks guys! now, after ruling out other possibilities, i think i have figured out the problem. it’s the local ISP.

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