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    After an automatic upgrade from Custom CSS to Custom Design for the blok /, the site looks broken. It appears that the old and completely unchanged custom CSS is no longer applied to the theme.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure what you mean by the site being broken. Could you explain what has changed?



    Broken = custom CSS is no longer applied, HTML that is supposed to be hidden is visible, tables have undesired borders, etc.



    I don’t see anything in your Custom CSS that would apply to tables, but the hidden navigation items are hidden.

    Basically, everything set in your Custom CSS is accounted for.



    Hi macmanx,

    thanks for checking this out. I agree, I cannot see anything regarding tables either, I will look into this separately.

    The remaining problems, outlined below, seem to be confined to my computer (Mac OS X), even though I can observe them in both Safari and Firefox, after clearing the cache and re-loading the page. So while I’m disturbed by this, apparently it looks ok on PCs in either IE or Firefox, so I guess I’ll close this ticket.

    Just for completeness sake: on my Mac, in both Safari or Firefox, I continue to observe the following problems, among others:

    1) the sub-nativation bar (below the main menu) is visible and shows the text “KEINE KATEGORIEN”. It should be hidden (and was correctly hidden just recently). The associated tag in the CSS – which is not being picked up – is:

    #subnav {

    2) the labyrinth logo at the top left and the title text overlap. This seems to be due to this CSS tag not being picked up:

    .header-left {
    padding:18px 0 0 97px;

    I can make screenshots of either to prove it, but can’t see a way to attach them. :-) However, I do notice that the problem goes away when I use the “Preview” button in the Custom CSS editor – the preview appears correctly, with all items that should be hidden actually hidden.

    My suspicion continues to be for now that something changed in the upgrade from Custom CSS to Custom Design.



    Hi there, I can’t reproduce the issue from here in either Safari or Firefox on a Mac. I am opening a support ticket for you so that you will be able to send screenshots ;-). Please watch for my reply in your email. Thanks!

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