Site deleted and hijacked

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    What do I do to get my site back?

    The blog I need help with is



    The site has been deleted. Unfortunately there is no way to get the site back.

    More information can be found here: Deleted Site



    …you can get your site back if it was deleted within the past thirty days. I’ve put a ‘modlook’ tag on your post, so a staff member will be by in the next couple of hours to help you. Don’t panic.


    Hi windmilljumper, was renamed to by your user account a few hours ago, which deletes the previous address. Do you want to continue using

    If so, I can restore that site back to your account. If not, can you send a link to the site you are referring to?

    I’m not seeing any account activity to suggest you have been hacked. If there is a chance someone else knows your login details, please change your password and enable two step authentication to help keep your account secure (be sure to print backup codes).

    Just let me know if I is the address you need.

    @danbybike — as @feartheseeds mentioned, it is possible to reverse a deletion within 30 days.



    @gemmacevans Thank you for the clarification. I will be sure to remember that next time.

    @feartheseeds Thank you for catching my error and correcting me.




    Thanks Dan :)



    @windmilljumper I am a bit concerned about this part: “and hijacked”

    Can you write back confirming you want the old name restored? You’ll want to do this soon so we can be sure to restore it for you.

    Also, please send more details re: “and hijacked” — I was not able to find suspicious activity on your account, but if you’ll let us know what you saw we can investigate.

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