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    I have a question about the following display:


    defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason, God, Atheism, Knowledge, Truth, Philosophy of Religion, Jesus

    When I attempt to link to my site from Facebook, the above keywords or tags or whatever they’re called (eg., defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason…) show up in the link.

    I’d like to do two things: 1) I want to edit the keywords 2) I’d also like the keywords to be invisible when I link.

    Is this a tricky fix?

    The blog I need help with is



    Here at all of those who are using the same theme are using the same underlying template which we cannot access the files for and which we cannot edit. Only Staff can edit templates because every edit affects all blogs wearing the same them. So if what you are asking is:

    “Can I edit the meta data for my blog a?” then the answer is “no”.

    You can use the relevant keywords of your choice in your blog’s title, in your blog’s tagline, in the titles of your posts, in the body of the text in posts, and in tags and categories you choose to assign to your posts.

    You cannot “hide” tags and categories from search engines or from those who use them and I don’t know why you would seek to do that.

    Are you using Publicize?


    How are you linking to facebook?

    If those tags are showing up over at facebook, then I would suspect it is a facebook thing and I have no idea where they get them.


    Many thanks for responding, all!

    @thesacredpath – I copy the address: — then I paste and post it using the “share” tab on facebook.

    I’m wondering why it displays > (eg., defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason…) and NOT JUST the title of the site > ‘Defeating Defeaters’

    I thought that since I created the keywords to describe my blog that it followed that I could edit them at anytime. Perhaps WordPress evolved over the years such that it’s no longer possible to edit those descriptions?

    That stinks, because my linking looks messy now :c



    We have never been able to access the underlying files and edit meta data on wordpress.COM blogs as this has always been a multiuser blogging platform. On free standing self hosted wordpress.ORG installs we can edit meta data but not on wordpress.COM free hosted blogs.


    Hmm, then can you think of a place where I would have provided the language of “defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason…etc”?


    Hi defeatingdefeaters,

    I visited your site. I noticed that you have your “Home” page linked to the url. I just moved my site from self-hosted to the other day. I’m sure I have a lot of uncorrect links myself. “Do unto others…..”



    If all you are doing is copying the link and pasting into facebook, then apparently facebook is adding that stuff. You can test this by copying the link and pasting it into a plain text file and you will see that all that is pasted is the URL itself.

    You will have to talk with facebook about the tags that are being added.



    The issue of domain mapping changes to URLs taking from 24 – 72 hours to completely propagate throughout the internet is NOT relevant to the issue defeatingdefeaters posted in this thread. During that time frame we do see URLs changing back and forth. Presently the blog is redirecting to


    Thanks again!

    I’m still puzzled by the fact that once upon a time I, indeed, did provide and set the descriptions of “defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason…etc” in a specified template but I’m not finding that template anymore. Where did it go, I’m wondering.


    OK, go to users > my profile, and users > personal settings and see if it happens to be there.


    Darn, it’s not there =/

    Here is something weird, when I copy and paste > I get the following mess:

    defeating defeaters, defeatingdefeaters, Apologetics, Argument from reason, God, Atheism, Knowledge, Truth, Philosophy of Religion, Jesus

    However, when I copy and paste > I get this clean description:

    If one reflects on their moral condition with the corollary that God exists, Christianity looks really good. In an interview, William Lane Craig stated something like the following: all of us who are adults recognize our moral failures and short comings and if God exists then we find ourselves moral

    The former shows site keywords I assigned a long time ago, while the latter is the link plus preview of a current post.

    If only I could find that mysterious template, then I could delete those dated keywords.


    Contact staff with this although I think it is facebook that is picking it up from somewhere, just not sure where. The second example of course is the beginning of the current post on the main page.


    Ahhhh, I just figured out where those words are housed. They are housed at GoDaddy where I purchased the name (defeating defeaters). I’ve just deleted them. Hopefully they’ll get released from Google somehow… Do you know if Google or other search engines clean their caches?



    Google clear their caches about every 3 – 6 months.


    Well, guy, thanks! I guess I’ll wait for google, yahoo, et al to ‘clear’ their caches. Take care =D



    I’d also like to add this so you aren’t confused. There is no definitive answer to your question. Pages like are really popular so hence Google re crawls and updates very frequently (ie every few minutes) thats why Google is always up to date with the current news. Other pages that are less popular will be crawled/updated less often – imagine a webpage on a site that attracts very few visitors and is hardly heard of, that will be crawled every few weeks and possibly every couple of months.

    The crawling frequency is usually determined (for the most part) by the number, type and quality of sites that create links to the page in question.

    lots of links from other sites = popular page = frequent updating
    few links from other sites = not a popular page = few updates to the search results

    As far as the other search engines go I’m afraid the answer is “we don’t know”.


    By the time, I get around to blogging, perhaps then it will be cleared – but you’ve made good sense so thanks again!



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)

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