Site Disabled??? What happened???

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  • #228924 is now disabled…
    Im new to wordpress and no sure what is happening.

    can anyone help please?
    everything has been great for sometime…
    till now.

    What’s going on?


    Well when I click on the link you provided I see your site just fine. But if you’ve received some message on your dashboard (which we can’t see) then maybe you need to contact support? But when I clicked on the link, your site was visible.



    Nope, I got:
    Site Disabled
    For information, contact the owner of this site.

    If your blog is hosted at, you will need to contact staff directly via your Dashboard. If you can post here, obviously you’re signed in, so try that.



    when I clicked the URL the site displayed just fine for me.


    Yeah, me too gamehq. I wonder if raincoaster and the person who posted are not logged in?



    I’m logged in.

    But we dont’ know if this is a hosted site, do we? I’m thinking it’s not and that the person has to talk to their webhost.



    The link provided in the OP takes me to a .com blog with Andreas 04 as the theme.



    same for me as ellaella



    Obviously, staff is going to have to deal with this. Very odd.



    I do see it in the Google Cache and everything looks fine there:

    Contact staff via email. I wouldn’t wait. Support at wordpress dot com.



    “Site Disabled” is not an error message that’s used at The site looks fine to me and hasn’t been suspended or restricted in any way.

    My guess would be that you’ve moved from somewhere else, and the DNS changes are still propagating. The old site is showing ‘Site Disabled’ (because you cancelled your old hosting account?), and the new one at is working fine. Which one you see depends where you are on the internet and how up to date your DNS servers are.


    ok, ive contacted support and the url hosting company!
    help this is crazy.


    anyone have any other ideas?



    It’ll take about 24 hours for the DNS to propagate to everywhere.


    ive been active for almost a month already…
    is there a reason some would see it and others not?



    Hi, I looked up your nameservers and you seem to have an extra one.

    Name Server: NS1.WORDPRESS.COM
    Name Server: NS2.WORDPRESS.COM
    Name Server: NS3.WORDPRESS.COM
    Name Server: NS3.Z57.NET (This shouldn’t be here!)

    You need to contact your domain registrar and get that last one deleted, thats one only some people are seeing the site disabled notification.


    It looks like an incorrect name server got added to your domain somehow. I removed it, so your domain should be working again as soon as those changes propagate. Have a great day!

    got it.
    that was the ticket.
    thank you everyone!!!!

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