Site dissapeared?

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    I went to the wordpress website and clicked on create a blog. At this point, I had no wordpress account yet. I thought of a domain name and clicked select because it was available. So all was good and i had to enter my email, come up with a user name and yada yada. I though, yay! now I can start blogging…well no… My account now says that I have no sites/domains, and if I try to add it again, the domain name I had previously is not available anymore. I’m wondering, how is this possible? And is there anything I can do to still get that domain name?



    H there, doesn’t exist yet. If that is the URL you refer to please read on.

    When we register a username account the matching blog is reserved for our future use. It cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username account.

    As the blog is reserved for you (ie. matching username account) and you can register it

    If you are not successful, type modlook into the sidebar tags on this thread for Staff help. How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question? Then please subscribe to this thread so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.

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