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    I am wondering why when I visit my site I see the post that I placed on the About page but when I go to another page and then go back to the About page I don’t see the post? I tried it in Safari and Firefox and it continues to happen.

    My url is :

    The blog I need help with is


    Open your about page and the relationship page in the editor and I think you will find that the content in those two is identical. I’m seeing two different pages with the same content (different titles showing at the top of the page, and different URL’s).


    Thanks I know that the content on the about page and relationship page are the same. What I am talking about is that I have a post titled: “I want this post on the Career page” and one titled “Hello world” both only come up when I click on the site title to return home but they disappear if you go to a page and try to get back to the main post page.

    It seems like there is a main post page and then the pages that I have created but once you go to a page there is no way of going back to the home page that is simple to understand if I was a reader. Does this make sense?


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    That is the way your theme works. Ocean Mist has header tabs for navigation, but no built in HOME tab: the blog title returns the readers to your home page.

    There is a trick that you could use to make a HOME tab, but it doesn’t look nice in Ocean Mist. Give it a try if you like, though. Open a new page and put this as your title:
    <a href="">TITLE HERE</a>
    (whatever you call your home tab it must contain a space. Even a space before the word “home” would work)


    Got it. Thanks. I will also look at more themes.

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