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    All of a sudden, when I try to go to my WordPress site, it tells me ‘ doesn’t exist Do you want to register’

    The spelling is correct, and there is no indication from dashboard that the site is inactive in any way… Does anyone know how to fix?


    Hi lucidjailbreak,
    I’m having the same problem.
    I am not tech-savvy and it took me a while to make my blog user-friendly and easy to navigate so now, I am lost :P
    Hopefully someone has an answer ( :


    I return, with some info:
    I seem to have fixed it – if you can find a way to get into dashboard, go to My Blogs, then Change Blog address – don’t ask me why you have to do this, I have no clue.
    Anyway, hopefully that helps, if not – goodluck


    Thanks careandcaution.

    I was hoping we would get a response from WordPress themselves considering that it seems like some kind of glitch.

    I took your advice and changed my blog address, and I now can access it.



    Hey there,

    Yes, it is an ongoing glitch that we are in the process of fixing.

    Are you all still having problems? If so, we can get it fixed for you ASAP.

    @Lucid – is not working on my end. Is that the URL you are still wanting to use?

    Let me know, thanks!

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