Site down for one PC but works on other devices.

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    I started a new blog yesterday and successfully pointed a domain hosted at Dreamhost to my blog. No problems, and after a time, the site worked great.

    However, twice in the past two days while working on my new site, the site will go down. The page shows Site temporarily unavailable – error id: “bad_httpd_conf”. This happens on one PC in all browsers. My other devices, (ipad, iphone, windows laptop,) load the site fine. After a couple of hours yesterday, my affected PC was able to access the site again. I’m still waiting for it to come back after it went down this morning.

    I cleared caches, deleted cookies, restarted the PC, ran virus scans, waited for DNS to propogate…

    On my affected PC, I can access my site through a proxy server.

    Does block an IP from visiting a site after multiple visits, perhaps temporarily? I visit pages multiple times while I develop, hundreds maybe. I could test this theory on my other devices, but hopefully someone here will know something about this. Has anyone experienced this during times of heavy development? Other ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like it might still be less than 72 hours since you made the domain mapping changes, It can take up to 72 hours for changes to spread across the internet and things to settle down. There can be caching issues that cause you to be the last one to see the changes.

    Your site loads fine for me

    Patience Grasshopper



    It’s also loading fine and redirecting properly to your domain for me.



    The site has been working well for several days now with no interruptions, so I think I’m out of the woods.

    If you came to this post with a similar problem, I think the answer is to be patient and wait a few days, even if you’re able to work on your site at times and it looks like it’s okay, only to go down again. Caching issues, Internet propagation, I guess we’re not really sure why it happens. It’s frustrating! But like a bout of flu, it should clear up in about 72 hours.

    Patience is key. Isn’t that always the way? Thanks @auxclass.



    You be welcome & good luck

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