Site gets “hung up” loading.

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    I’ve been getting quite a few e-mails today from readers telling me that when they’re trying to access my main page, it gets “hung up” and won’t load completely. Others have said that it will load, but extremely slowly. Is something going on with the server, or have I perhaps done something wrong? I’m relatively new to wordpress, so I’m not sure what info you need. If anyone could help me with this, I’d be most appreciative.




    You latest post answered it :).

    It is because you posted a lot of YouTube videos. Not everybody has broadband.



    A minute 10 at least on a pair of OC-192s. (That’s Internet backbone, not broadband just for reference.) That’s not good. As babbler suggests, it’s all the YoutTube videos you have up there. (No, it’s not the YouTube site causing the issue as you state in your blog post. You’re doing overkill.)


    – Put the youtube videos after the more tag so that they all don’t have to load up when teh page loads. (This is what I would do)
    – Reduce the number of Posts that are on a single page.

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