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Site gets translated im google search

  1. Okay, the title does not make much sense. So here is what I mean:
    I know what a translating widget does. However, I do not find them as useful as they seem to be. What I want to do is to find a tool/program/widget that does something more:
    When someone searches something in the language that I write my posts, then if my blog is included in those results, it will be in that language.
    But, if someone searches something in English, then if my blog is included in those results, it will be in English, which means that random visitors who cannot speak my native language will not have to find the translating tool in my website.
    Is that possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    What you describe is not something I can help with. We can't use Microsoft or Google translation widgets or others as they are JavaScript and it's stripped out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

    However, I have translation on my blogs. There are two workarounds and you will find them here >

  3. Well...not exactly what I was looking, but still quite useful. Anyway, thanks!

  4. You're welcome. What you are looking for is not available here.

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