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    My site at is doing something weird.
    My post at the top of the page is normal but as I scroll down the next post is bigger.
    The last post doesn’t even fit on the page. What is going on? Thanks for any help.


    You need to look through this validation report. You have some open tags:

    Also, go to settings > writing and check the box beside “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes.”

    If you are not familiar with HTML or know enough to find open tags, then open each post on the front page (after making the change I mentioned above) make one small change, such as adding a space between words and then deleting it, and then save the post (update). That many times will correct the open tag issues.



    Thanks for the response. I was wondering though, look at the bottom of the blog. Even the “Blog at Benevolence theme by Theron Parlin. Syndicate entries using RSS and Comments (RSS). This theme contains valid XHTML and CSS.” is showing up very large.

    Would one of my posts be causing this or would it more likley because by some kind of glitch with wordpress?

    Again thanks for the help and have a happy new year.


    When you have an open tag in the body of the blog (which includes the posts and comes before the HTML for the sidebar and the footer), it will have an effect on everything after the body section.

    It’s actually a couple of your posts that have issues. That is why I recommended what I did.



    Thanks for your help and knowledge. I will look into it.


    You’re very welcome.



    Okay, I fixed the problem but all I had to do was undo the last thing I did.
    Right before the problem occurred I had edited all my posts by adding a break
    in the post. Went back and got rid of the breaks and now no problem.

    Thanks for your help


    Hmmm, I just checked the validation on your site, and the other open tag issues I saw are now gone. This happens sometimes and the break may have split a tag set.

    Do make the change to settings > writing though as it should keep this from happening again.

    And I’m glad you got it fixed.

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