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Site Hacked

  1. I am having problems in the last week with Unwanted and Inappropriate video links being put onto some of my sites pages. Seen as though the happiness engineers are away has anyone else come across this problem and how can I protect my site from this problem???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh and this problem only shows in firefox and internet explorer. Google Chrome is fine.

  3. Do these links only appear when you are logged out of If so, they may be advertisements. always runs ads on the blogs in order to pay for the free hosting, but lately it appears that some of the advertisements from new advertisers are not always in the best taste or "appropriate" for a blog, and has been working on that.

    If these are ads, then leave a description of them here and add the tag "ads" and a staff member can take a look at the situation for you. (Staff will continue to monitor the threads even while the contact form is closed down.)

  4. You can contact staff at [email redacted]
    Take screenshots of any ads you want to report.

  5. These ads (if that is what they are) have been appearing to people who are visiting my site. I will take some screenshots when I see the next one.


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