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    Is there some way to delete objectionalbe material that was posted by a hacker? It does not directly show up on my WordPress site, but if someone googles my WP site, they have a choice to choose answers under my site’s name listing wall paper, adobe, or just plain gibberish. If someone clicks on the link, they will find objectionable material (war/political). I have a few of the links, but I defer to posting them here unless necessary or requested to assist in their deletion.

    We have a strickly G rated site and would like to find a way to get rid of this sort of thing.


    The blog I need help with is



    Are you saying your site has been hacked, or that the google results are bizarre? Those are two different issues.


    Sorry, I am saying that my site has been hacked. Some of the hacker sites are also reporting this. For example Zone h and Pastebin show it as hacked. The actual hacker calls him/herself the the 3xp1r3 Cyber Army.



    This site looks fine to me. Pastebin isn’t an analysis site; it’s just a site where people put up text, often complete bullshit. We commonly see people saying “I totally haxxored u!” when in fact they have not succeeded in doing anything.

    The ONLY times I’ve heard of sites here being hacked they were either hacked by guessing of passwords that were too easy OR they had enabled post by email and their email was hacked.

    If you’re worried, change your password to something strong and never used before and do not email it to yourself.



    There is also nothing whatsoever unusual about the results of a Google search for your blog. All perfectly standard.


    Raincoaster, thanks for looking, I really appreciate this, but check these out from a google search…

    Should I not be worried about this sort of thing?

    Thanks so much!


    BTW, the google search is based upon using Ride2Adventure. They generally come up for me at the bottom of the first search page and at the top of the second page.

    Also, thanks for the advice, I am changing my password regardless.

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