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Site has dissappeared - help!

  1. hi
    trying to access the admin panel for the site
    but getting an install page /wp-admin/install.php which seems to indicate the site doenst exist any more?

    Can you help? note that we did have this site linked to a url but we no longer own this domain and want to point this site to a new domain?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry about that! I have removed the expired domain from your account.

  3. Thanks for the prompt response! much appreciated

  4. You're welcome!

  5. Hi
    hoping you can help me with a related issue..

    am now trying to redirect a new url to this wordpress site..

    instructions on say we need to update the name servers... to , NS2 etc

    But my name server is asking me for this url AND the IP of the name server - can you clarify where i get the IP info from?

    Plus they are also asking me for a technical contact details for the name server.. any advice on what i should put there?


  6. For their IP addresses, use:

    I'm not sure why they want contact details, but they could reply here if they need anything.

  7. Great, thanks

    I've done the redirect at our DNS controller ( - then did the domain mapping purchase and setup in WP, and switched it over to the new url, but its redirecting to a parked url

    is there something else i need to do ? or is this a matter of the new DNS needing to propagate? should i switch it back to the url for now?

  8. oh, wait, this seems to have sorted itself now - must have just been a time thing.

    one final question - its using the form rather than the form - if we want it to default to the www. form is that a configuration issue at the wordpress end, the DNS controller end, or both?


  9. always redirects the www subdomain to the non-www version. Because of this, you can still use www version of your custom domain on your signature or business cards if you'd like.

    I hope this helps - happy blogging :)

  10. ok, thanks for clarification

  11. You are welcome - happy blogging :)

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