Site Header “Crop” Button Disappearing ???

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    Please help,

    When I upload an image for my header (it is a PDF file) it will accept it but when it tells me to crop it, the “Crop” button disappears and so does the “cropping box”. It only does this with PDF’s, but that’s the only good-quality file I could find!



    The site linked to your nick is not a blog. Do you have a blog?




    Thanks! (Sorry for that, but we get a lot of wrong visits.)

    PDFs are not image files. You must upload a JPG or a PNG or a GIF. And it’s best to check the dimensions your theme specifies and create an image in those dimensions, so that it will get uploaded as is: you lose quality if you crop the header image.






    when i try to crop stuff (avatars ect.) I get a little red x in a box. I need help!!!!


    @waddlebox1234: First make sure the file is a jpg. Then, try uploading an appropriately sized image that will be used without cropping.

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