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  1. For the past few weeks I have had one of my blog posts entitled "A Tale of Two Cities" receive an inordinately high number of hits. Today alone it has received 47. In days past it has received upwards of 70 hits in a day. The post is about Seoul, South Korea and the search term being hit is "seoul."

    I am thinking that these hits are from search engine robots. It is either that or I am becoming a cult celebrity in Seoul...

    What do you think?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't give any opinion without a link to the blog in question, starting with http.

  3. ^^ maybe you're recieving a lot of hits becasue its a good website? I just clicked on the link and either you are trying to get more hits and made up a lie, or completely changed around your blog which seems like a semi-conservative blog with interesting posts. don't be concerned about too many hits, be concerned about too little.

  4. Thanks snowangel.. I would like to think it is a good site, and my readership has been steadily increasing, but this one post has simply gone through the roof. It is a darn good piece if I do say so myself, but having such high numbers on one post for so long makes me raise an eyebrow.


  5. Haha, I understand. Maybe there's some secret gov't agency out there after you (: does it have anything contraversial in it? (i didn't see the post immediatly)

    jplay. I personally think it's good. creative- especially the post about iran w/the nukes

  6. The other thing that is curious, is that my blog stat says that most readers are finding my post by searching on the word Seoul. This makes sense, but when I search on the word, my post is nowhere to be found. I gave up when I hit page 28.

  7. Robots are not included in your stats. What probably happened is a search engine finally clued onto your post and listed it for the term. You can check out incoming links and more blog stats at if you're curious.

    It's not unusual for one post to get a lot of juice. When it happens, be sure to keep adding new posts, to reward people for checking back. When something goes viral you can often keep 10% of those readers if you encourage them to click around by posting interesting fresh stuff.

  8. Thanks. Perhaps I have become a cult hit in Inchon....

  9. Thanks for the advice raincoaster. I have posted quite a few blogs since the one in question, and it is still getting the juice. They do a lot of web surfing in Seoul - more IP addresses per capita than any other city on earth. Perhaps there are just a lot of folks reading the post. No one seems to be commenting though....that too is interesting.
    Guess I will just push the I believe button.

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