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Site imported to .com from .org, some issues...

  1. Hi Guys

    I imported my old site on .org to .com, and it's been pretty smooth apart from a couple things.

    My old site is still up on

    And i moved it all to

    The two issues are :
    1) The header on my new site doesn't match the old site, it's the wrong font. But I can't see where to change it without paying for it, do I have to pay?
    I found this :
    but i can't find the HTML editor either :(

    2) The picture links on the new site still point to the old site as the host.
    For example, from my new site I click on the Crab pic and get
    Its the correct picture but still with the old site path. Is there something I need to do in the back end to fix this? I looked in my Media in my new site and they're all there, so I don't think I need to copy all the images over.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) You can't change fonts in a header without the Custom Design upgrade. You can change it in the body of a post only by HTML coding in the Text editor.

  3. @raincoaster
    So if I wanted to make my site exactly the way it was, I would have to pay the 30/month fee right?

  4. $ 30.-- / YEAR not month for CSS Custom Design Upgrade -

  5. If i take all the content down from the old site (which I intend to do once the port is complete) will those Image links in the new site then stop working?


  6. Seems to be showing the links from the new site now, all good

    Thanks everyone for the help! :)


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