Site keeps redirecting and keeps logging me out of WP

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    I am new to WordPress and am having a lot of issues with it.

    I am trying to use WP to build a website that I can continually and quickly update. The website in question is supposed to be here: Unfortunately, this keeps re-directing to, which is getting very annoying.

    On top of that, WP keeps logging me out when I try to edit the non-WP domain.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I get things to just work? It makes me regret ever giving WP a try, because I would have been happy just sticking to iWeb or RapidWeaver…


    Are you sure this question belongs at WordPress.COM? Selfhosted blogs usually use WordPress.ORG –


    No, I purchased everything through .com, not .org unfortunately.



    This site linked to your username is an empty free hosted blog >

    This site is not a free hosted blog and we cannot help you with it as we run on different software. > The correct support forum for that site is here vs The Differences

    You were correct. :)


    I purchased the domain through and am pointing it elsewhere. Does that clear up any differences? I never used at all for any thing.


    In any case I would really appreciate some assistance instead of arguments over semantics. All of my dealings have been directly through, hence why I am here and not at .org.



    You’re almost to what you want.

    You just need to set your primary domain at Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.

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