site link phished?

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    hello, a reader of my blog is getting a phishing link within on of our posts. the post in question is –

    when she is not logged into wordpress, she goes to the site-post and scrolls down to the author bio. there’s she clicks on the author’s name, brigitte, which should lead one to brigitte’s site, but instead she’s getting a ‘race for the cure’ type of site.

    i’ve tried to replicate what she’s seeing on my mac with different browsers both logged in and out of wordpress and it all looks fine from here.

    is there any way you all can check it for malicious code? thank you so much.

    all the best,


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Rebecca,

    It looks fine to me too. I think if there is any malicious code that it will be on your reader’s system rather than on your site.


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