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Site Maintenance - March 14

  1. Starting in a few minutes is a period of site maintenance.

    This will not affect everyone.
    There will be no loss of data.

    You will see some slowness and you may see oddness with posts on the blog as we complete the process. Please do not be alarmed - all will be well.

    We'll do it as quickly as we can.

  2. Approximately how much time will the maintenance take?

  3. As much time as they need. :)

  4. this might explain why the same picture i tried to upload got uploaded 19 times..

  5. I can't upload a profile pic, my profile says that I do not have a blog but yet I've got an email saying that I registered my blog name. I know from reading the FAQ that it's showing up 404 b/c I haven't posted but my dashboard is saying that I don't have a blog to post to.

    I was attempting to switch to WordPress from Blogger, but this is stupid. I should be able to post by now.

  6. here is hoping...

    The test for me will be if I see an active, updating Akismet file, and not a black hole where all things disappear - showing spam and should actual legitimate comments get swept into that file, that I can retrieve them.

    Wishing the support staff Good Fortune!

  7. The maintenance is complete.

    If you have any persisting problem, do send in a Support with full details.

    chelpixie - I fixed your blog. Sorry that happened.

  8. mark

    Thanks for your help... will check and see.

    as of just a few minutes ago Akismet Spam still showed (0). That should start showing some content...

  9. My blog has been updating for around 20 minutes now. Is there anything I can do. If I sign off will it update?

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