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Site Map/Blog disappear

  1. I have a blog at Yesterday I checked my stat page...that was it. Last night I check my site and there is a blank WordPress page there. All my posts gone. I contact WordPress and they say this:

    Your domain's DNS servers are no longer, and, which is a required for the domain mapping to work. Now your blog is hosted by bluehost, not by us, and there is and empty or temporary WordPress instalation, which has no posts and pages.

    I honestly did not DO ANYTHING so I am totally confused at what happened. I contact Blue Host and they say if I want to get my old posts back they are on the WordPress server somewhere and I should export them and then import them into blue host.

    I am a total computer retard so I cannot figure out 1. what happened and 2. how to get my site back the way it was. I tried pointing my server back to wordpress but everything is the same.

    Any ideas? I know this is a long post but if there are any computer guys I am willing to pay to get things back up and running again.

  2. Looks like your domain name got hijacked. Who did you register it with?

    You should have two logins/usernames: one at and one at Bluehost. They are NOT the same. Did you register anything through Bluehost? A blog? Your domain name?

  3. ya I registered my domain name with Bluehost. I believe they would be considered my server. I downloaded the wordpress software to create a blog

  4. When I log in at Bluehost and go to File manager I can see my audio and photos that I had attached to my Blog posts but I can't find the blog posts and I can't figure out why everything disappeared.

  5. If you have downloaded WordPress software, you are not a blog anymore. And your domain name is pointing to the new, empty blog, not the old one with all the posts.

    What you need to do is get your posts, import them to your new blog. To do that, you need your OLD URL, to get to the old blog. Then export from there.

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