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    I created this site recently. whenever I try to get to it it says the site is marked as private by it’s owner.

    If I log into the site it works fine thereafter. I checked my privacy settings and it’s set to open to all

    The blog I need help with is



    Which site? This one?




    I tried it on several computers at different locations today.


    I see the site just fine, did you find the setting at settings > privacy and change it?

    If not, log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and take another look.


    Sorry for the late reply. Yes.. I set it to private and back to open. I have tried on several computers. It still happens, just tried it on my iPad and laptop.

    If I browse to the url, I get the message. If I log in, I can get to it fine thereafter, but if I don’t log in then I can’t get to it at all.


    Did you try logging out and clearing thing as I suggested?



    It happens even if I try it on a computer for the first time.


    I’m afraid I’m out of suggestions at this point. Many ISPs use invisible proxy servers (you typically never know they are there) and if they have some caching or updating issues on the invisible proxy servers this can cause problems.

    Have you tried it from a different location on a different internet service, perhaps at a free wi-fi hotspot?


    Yep… Tried at home, on my sprint 4g connection, at work. Had 2 friends try from their end. Same thing.



    Everything looks fine
    This is crazy! & Sorry, no idea on how to help :-/

    I think you should contact support
    or put a “modlook” tag on this topic


    So weird … I will contact them as soon as they get back…


    Interesting.. I figured out the time zone was set wrong.. I adjusted it now while I still get the privacy message it shows a the login/register box.


    Tried it again today… I get the login/register window only, still gives the privacy warning… However, if I try to log in as myself; it logs me in but pops up a white page with the privacy message with a back to wordpress link at the top left; clicking the link takes me to the main page but with the admin bar.

    This is really weird.. I will contact support as soon as they get back…

    Thanks for assisting guys.



    That is indeed bizarre. We can all see your blog just fine. Do report back what Support says.


    Sorry for the late reply.. It appears that I was being auto-forwarded to Not sure what happened, but it’s working fine now.

    Thanks for all the help guys.

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