Site Meter link comes up when I hit RSS link!

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    I have been re-ordering the widgets of my Choco sidebar and just noticed that when I click onto the RSS link, it takes me to the Site Meter site. The Site Meter link is above the RSS link, so it seems that the it/Site Meter site, is “bleeding” into the RSS link.

    How can I fix this? I don’t want viewers to try to subscribe to my blog and end up subscribing to Site Meter. :-) :-)

    -Peregrine, a few feathers fluffed up

    The blog I need help with is



    I clocked the orange RSS icon in your sidebar and arrived here >
    I do not even see a stitemeter icon or link in your sidebar. If I did I would suggest you move it to the very bottom of the sidebar.


    The sitemeter code is b0rked. You need to get the code again from sitemeter and replace everything in that text widget.



    Sacred Path–
    OK, I did as you said (got the HTML code and re-entered it into the widget) and now the problem is gone. :-)

    Thank you so much! – Peregrine

    TimeThief, I went to the sidebar after reading your reply but I saw the problem all over again. I noticed that the hit counter does not have the Site Meter title on it so maybe that made it easy to overlook.

    I appreciate that you went to check. Since there is no problem anymore, I am leaving the counter widget at the top. -Peregrine


    Glad you got it sorted out.



    Me too, and thanks again, because I would never have thought of re-entering the code!

    -Peregrine, feathers all smoothed down

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