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    One of my sites is no longer shown in my account and I really want to edit it asap. I still see the site online as view only though. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but can someone please advise? The site is:




    Hi @jessiestein9, no worries. You have it set up under another username, but you should be able to log in with its email, too. If you don’t know what address that is, try commenting on one of your posts. In most cases, you’ll get an email notification at the correct address.


    Hi there,

    Please log out of the jessiestein9 account, then try logging in with the username livinlavidabarcablog.

    When logging in, please do not use the “Connect with Google” option – only enter livinlavidabarcablog as the username along with the password for that account.

    If you’re unable to remember the password for the livinlavidabarcablog account, please try following the account recovery steps at


    Thanks so much!! All good here :)

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