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    Every time I try to get on my blog it will not load and it’s not my internet connection because it’s the only site that won’t. Please help me with this. AlsoI feelit worthwhile saying that your support links are worse than useless, they give no help at all and give no advice at how to contact someone at all, i tried here as a last resort, if you want people to come here for support please say so on the support page.

    The blog I need help with is



    If is the blog you’re talking about, it’s loading well for me. Several people have reported “blog not loading” today, so I would tend to think this is a temporary problem possibly due to issues on the internet somewhere between where you are and the server where your blog is hosted.



    I am having all kinds of problems myself. Everytime I go to a search engine for wordpress it takes me back to my blog reader. My reader has blogs in there that I do not even follow. blog is taking forever to download.

    I agree with kitmyer. Your support links suck as I need to email support and cannot even find the page to do it on. There was nothing on what I read for my many problems. SR



    You have to open blog from another PC then check it is it opening or no .



    The blog reader is broken right now.

    Volunteers in the forum didn’t write the support docs and instructions. If we had, the FIRST thing they’d say is that staff support is currently closed except for people with paid upgrades.

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