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Site not resoving

  1. Here is the sequence I used to scramble my site:
    Install Domain mapping
    Change nameservers to WP (all working ok here)
    Change MX records to Google for Google Apps. MISTAKE made here, changed nameservers back to 1&1
    Restored nameservers to WP.
    Allow time to resolve.
    Check on screen and by phone with 1&1 that nameservers are WP, and MX records are Google. All OK
    BUT site only resolves to 1&1 holding page. (The changes have resolved, I have given them time...)
    The A record ( takes me to a WP sign up page.

    Any help out there?

  2. Specific URLs, please.



    we need the full thing to be clickable.

  5. Okay, what is "1&1 holding page"?

    Both links go seamlessly to the same site for me.

  6. Sorry about the links.
    By "1&1 holding page" I mean a page which is a generic 1&1 page which comes uo when a domain has been registered with them, but nothing has been put up. It reads:
    "Why does my domain's home page say "This domain has just been registered by a 1&1 Internet customer"?

    You are seeing this page when you visit your domain ( because you have not yet replaced the temporary web page which was created for you when you signed up for your 1&1 Internet domain or web hosting package. This page/file is called "index.html" and can be overwritten or replaced with a page you create using one of our site building tools or your own site building software depending on whether you purchased a 1&1 Internet domain name only package or a 1&1 web hosting package.

    Why have we placed this temporary page for you?

    If your site does not include an index.html page/file (either your placeholder "Under Construction" page or a home page you created yourself), your site visitors will receive a "Page not Found" error when viewing your domain. If the temporary page on this domain is currently visible, it also means DNS name pointing has been successful and you are ready to begin building your site!"

    As you haven't had any trouble I cleared my cache (again), and also did a dnsflush. If I enter I get the 1&1 page. Also if I sign in to the WP account for Norman Road, and click on "View Site" in the dashboard, I go to the 1&1 page.
    I have also just tried this on another computer, running Ubuntu, with which has never gone to the site, and it too goes to the 1&1 page.

  7. Then my next question would be:

    How much time have you allowed for the issues to resolve?

    Depending on where you are in the world, it can take longer, up to 72 hours. Since it works for me, I would suspect it will work for you soon enough.

  8. It's been 22 hours. I'm in the UK. Normally 1&1 resolves in about 4 hours for me.
    As you say, if it is working for you it should be working for me. Would your advice be to let it grind away at resolving and hope?
    Thanks for your help.

  9. When I click on
    its says in my address bar

    I'm for the united states if this helps

  10. Do you see the site gamehq?

  11. I see the site from both links.

    One thing to keep in mind is that servers will cache some information; if we're routing through servers that did not have cached information but you happen to be routing through a server that does have some cached information, you won't see the change until that server's cached copy expires and it looks for the new information.

  12. Exactly. It can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

  13. When you see the site, do you see the posts on the landing page? The top one should have a pic of a 1950s bathing belle and two men.
    I changed my TCP/IP settings to Opendns and can see the site, but not any posts on the front, (dynamic) page. The title of this page also shows as the 1&1 holding page title, not the Norman Road title.

  14. With the first I see:

    After a gap, we’re back
    Posted on May 30, 2008 by normanroad

    Something geeky-with-a -broken-leg happened and the site was down for a bit. Nearly fixed now.

    Filed under: Unusual shopping | No Comments »

    With the second I see:

    After a gap, we’re back
    Posted on May 30, 2008 by normanroad

    Something geeky-with-a -broken-leg happened and the site was down for a bit. Nearly fixed now.

    Filed under: Unusual shopping | No Comments »

    Conclusion: Identical as far as the user is concerned

  15. Thanks very much for your time Raincoaster. It is all working now, and where I wasn't able to post a pic an hour ago I have now.
    (Which one is me..)

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